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Contracting Vehicles

We'll help you decide the best contract option for your agency. 

Identifying requirements

We'll help you develop requirements, statements of work and procurement requests.   


We are affiliated with a Tribal 8(a) company for a streamlined procurement process.  

Women-Owned Small Business  Helps contracting meet SBA goals. 





Records and Information Management Consulting Services

We provide consulting services on a wide range of records management topics, including electronic systems, electronic records management, and records program design/development 

Federal records managers need to juggle the constant and often conflicting constraints of Federal mandates, internal agency policies, budget and staff cuts, and tight deadlines

Trusted consultants can help!   Our participation is your assurance of quality projects and significantly higher compliance with Federal recordkeeping requirements.

Simplified Procurement 

Our consulting firm is here to help Federal agencies meet the requirements contained in the president's 2011 Managing Government Records Memorandum 

Trusted Consultants

Consulting Services